UNWomen's HeForSheMovement

Striving for Equality. And Reaching Men in a Post-#MeToo World.

FleishmanHillard helped the UNWomen's HeForShe Movement prove men and women are "More Powerful Together."

How can a once-powerful movement get its groove back at a time when men and women are further apart? 

HeForShe, the UN’s solidarity movement for gender equality, launched in 2014 to galvanize men as gender equality advocates. Since then, its momentum plateaued. FleishmanHillard partnered with HeForShe and devised the More Powerful Together campaign to reinvigorate the movement andmotivate men around the world to join millions of existing HeForShe allies in advocating for women amid the MeToo era. The campaign led to a surge of 30,000 pledge commitments of support, 500% spike in website traffic, 560 million media impressions and endorsement by multiple U.S. state governments. 

With limited resources, our plan called for a simple-yet-bold idea that would both cut through the clutter and bring all genders together in a positive way, especially with #MeToo still the focus of celebrity support and media airtime 

Men and women are more powerful together. Literally.  

Half the world’s power is lost when women are excluded. We brought that message to life — turning off half the lights at 25 of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Our spokesperson, Mark Consuelos, kicked off this “More Powerful Together” campaign in a highly publicized event at the Empire State Building.  

Two days later, we kept momentum going with a second activation at the #HeForShe IMPACT Summit (held during the UN General Assembly), letting us engage key political and business media targets influential to our male target audience. All the while, our team released easily shareable social assets and reached out to hundreds of social influencers to produce and share their own content — compelling them to join the campaign based purely on moral merit. 

A lights-out strategy shows undeniable results. 

More Powerful Together garnered 424+ million earned media impressions and 145+ million social media impressions. Across all channels, sentiment was 100% positive/neutral. Traffic to saw close to a 500% increase compared to the week prior, plus a surge of 30,000 new pledged commitments to support gender equality.  

We even achieved political momentum, with several heads of state publicly supporting HeForShe’s mission. While participation from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) shed a light on the Arab world, as it became one of our leading regions for foreign media coverage on #HeForShe’s mission.