Crisis Management

Companies spend years building a brand, establishing their reputation. Then crisis hits, and overnight, CEOs and their teams are under siege. FleishmanHillard’s global network of crisis communications experts can help you get control of a crisis and manage it to a conclusion that protects your reputation. FleishmanHillard’s experts have handled diverse issues, including fatal workplace accidents, management-labor disputes, litigation, executive changes, government investigations, product failures and recalls, natural disasters, workforce reductions, and activism. In addition, we can help manage longer‑term issues and prepare for crises so that your team is ready.

What We Do

Accidents & Natural Disasters

FleishmanHillard’s crisis management counsel includes developing a response to rail, water, road, industrial, workplace and fatal accidents. Additionally, our experts can help companies recover from natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves.


FleishmanHillard’s crisis specialists are experienced in managing crises involving employees, one of a company’s most important assets. Areas of expertise include labor and management issues, employee dismissals, executive changes, criminal activity and workforce reductions.


How companies and brands manage product recalls, defects and failures will shape the future of that product – and maybe the company. FleishmanHillard’s global team can help clients facing tough product-related situations.

Special Interest Groups

Today’s online and social media landscape is making it easier than ever for opposition groups to attack a company or brand. Our team can work with companies facing such groups, including those representing labor, social, investor, environmental, political and religious issues.


FleishmanHillard understands how to counsel organizations that are being investigated. Our experts can help companies dealing with federal, state or local governments, securities regulators, or the media on a broad range of issues, including corporate governance, fraud, ethics violations or white-collar crime.


Litigation often follows a crisis, or it can act as the trigger that begins a crisis. FleishmanHillard’s counselors have experience managing litigation involving intellectual property, wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination.


Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures can make big headlines, and FleishmanHillard can help clients through the complex process. The strategies used also can help companies facing bankruptcy, a hostile takeover or a proxy battle.

Crisis Management
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