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The Future is Female: a Report with Money 20/20 USA

February 5, 2019

Each new year welcomes the opportunity for change, and 2019 is poised to be a year that women continue to take action and break barriers. Across all sectors, this is the year for progress, and that is especially the case for gender parity in the financial services industry.

At no place was this more apparent than Money20/20 USA, where three of the most popular keynote speakers were female powerhouses of finance: Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest, Kathryn Petralia of Kabbage, and Carol Grunberg of Ant Financial. While these impressive women spoke to the audience about their experience as women in a male-dominated industry and their take on the status of gender parity in the financial services industry, FleishmanHillard listened. Our team analyzed on-the-ground discussion at Money20/20 and social dialogue following the conference, and we have pulled together key takeaways and predictions about the future of the financial services industry.

Our report, co-branded with Money20/20 USA and titled “The Future is Female,” speaks to the excitement and anticipation of how women are radically impacting the future of financial services.

  • Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest discusses the financial benefits of increased diversity, the misconception of female aversion to risk, and the importance of “cultural adds” instead of “cultural fits”
  • Kathryn Petralia of Kabbage explores how gender diversity pays through higher financial returns
  • Carol Grunberg shares the profound importance of an equal playing ground and professional sponsorships

With thousands of fintech, payments, and financial services leaders taking to the stage at Money20/20, it was these conversations around the evolving gender balance in the financial services industry that truly depicted the progress being made in the financial sector.

Engaging in these conversations and promoting these topics is key to advancing the financial services industry through 2019 and beyond. Join us at FleishmanHillard as we look to the future of the industry – undoubtedly, the future is female.