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FleishmanHillard in China Annual Report: China’s 2022 Two Sessions, Building the New Era

March 29, 2022

FleishmanHillard in China just released the “China’s 2022 Two Sessions, Building the New Era” report which provides an overview of the central government’s priorities and plans laid out at the country’s biggest annual political meetings.

Global economic recovery is confronted with a series of challenges, including geopolitical uncertainties such as tensions over the continuation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Coupled with the waves of the pandemic continuing to impact the world – including China – these issues cast shadows as the country doubles down on efforts to realize its economic and social goals laid out in the 14th Five-Year Plan.

On top of that, this year’s gathering takes on particular importance as it marks the end of term for the current leadership teams, paving the way for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The National Congress, to be held in October or November 2022, will decide the next leadership teams of the CPC and China, and shape policy trajectory for the next five years and beyond.  

Highlights of the report include: 

Pointer of the year – Ensuring sustainable growth 

  • Emphasis on investment and consumption as key driving forces 
  • More flexible energy consumption goal
  • Common Prosperity becomes a long-term goal
  • Continued determination to uphold “One Country, Two Systems”

“Stability” becomes the key in the face of surmounting challenges

  • Ensuring market, economic and employment “stability” 
  • Safeguarding “stability” of production and livelihoods 

Improving the business environment and boosting market dynamism

  • Further opening-up for promoting foreign trade and investment
  • Preferential policies for domestic enterprises
  • Stronger incentives to encourage innovation 

Ensuring and improving the people’s well-being

  • Strengthening the employment-first policy
  • Promoting all-around rural revitalization
  • Making improvements to people’s lives