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Moving the Needle Toward an Even Safer Workplace

3 min read
OFFICE: St. Louis
Man wiring cables at work wearing a hardhat

5% reduction in incidents related to the “5 Safety Foundations.”

our solution

Don’t focus on workplace safety. Focus on what workplace safety means.

We knew we needed to evoke emotion to truly change behavior, so we shaped communications around what we knew employees valued: life outside of work with the people and things they love. With the Zero In On Safety campaign, we highlighted Flex|N|Gate’s “5 Safety Foundations, covering the top companywide safety risks according to research. And we emphasized that zero incidents at work means zero time missed in life. 

The campaign kicked off with a video from the CEO, establishing safety’s importance to the company, and all employees were invited to sign a pledge committing to the desired behaviors. Across Flex|N|Gate’s global footprint, we gave workplace safety a consistent look, feel and message while allowing local plant managers to pick and choose from the toolkit we created, using the materials they felt best suited their own workforce.  

the impact

Safety performance improved and incidents went down — even through COVID-19.

The Zero In On Safety campaign launched just before the pandemic impacted Flex|N|Gate plants and shifted priority messaging worldwide. Still, the first-year results were positive because the campaign’s principles and strong brand presence provided a consistent foundation for communication. Today, Flex|N|Gate continues to work toward their zero-incidents target — leading to zero missed life moments for their employees.
of Flex|N|Gate facilities haven’t had a lost-time accident in two years
of Flex|N|Gate facilities showed improvement in overall Recordable Injury Rates