What Is It?

Gone are the days when a simple speaker’s circuit and some corporate boards were the backbone of an executive visibility program. Executives affect reputation and brand: a CEO’s reputation directly influences shareholder value, and is the company’s most valuable – and fragile – asset. In response to this business climate, FleishmanHillard developed The Authentic Executive: an executive positioning solution centered on an Executive Studio to craft engagement strategies that reflect the personality, style and the subject matter appropriate for each leader.

In today’s heightened crisis-type environment, companies are realizing that it is critical to be careful, thoughtful and exceedingly strategic with communications efforts. Our executive positioning approach prepares corporate leaders to effectively communicate business goals with the entire spectrum of shareholders: investors, employees, regulators, policymakers, analysts, the media and customers.


Authentic leaders communicate confidence and control, purpose and passion, trust and connection.


Major changes, such as an executive transition, succession planning or career building, are happening at the leadership level. An executive wants to more boldly transmit the strategic direction for the company. A company cannot remain silent, but its executive is a weak communicator.

The Authentic Executive framework helps clients prepare for the above situations and more, and provides supportive mentoring, executive training and continued program refinement throughout the executive’s communication program.




Customized Media Training Sessions

Every media training program is individually designed to meet your objectives and includes extensive preparation tailored to your company, industry and issues. When planning sessions, we factor in your goals, personal style, industry experience, target audience and business-specific purposes. Among our tools: realistic broadcast simulations (television and radio), news conferences, print interviews and webcasts to ensure spokespeople feel comfortable in any media setting. All sessions are videotaped and intensively reviewed. These critiques address both substance and style, your content and its effective delivery.

Develop the focus of the executive's platform by identifying context, content and style

Focus an executive’s efforts by creating a unique platform that takes into account the competitive environment, the business goals and the
individual’s own style and personality. An initial landscape analysis provides an overview of industry issues, media hot buttons and what
the executive’s peers and competitors are saying. Then, message pillars are determined that differentiate the company and executive
from competitors, and are tied to business goals. Lastly, the Stellar Communicators assessment helps business leaders identify their natural
communication styles, and how these can be used to their internal and external advantage.

Amplify the effect of the executive’s platform

An Activation Plan, which ties to business goals and a thoughtleadership platform, is put into effect to demonstrate expertise and success, and create value for key stakeholders. These efforts are then amplified through “surround sound” PESO channels. When appropriate, we also get the full executive team engaged to tell a complete leadership story and bring a variety of voices to the overall corporate narrative.

Mentor, measure and refine for the highest impact

Whether this is personalized training and post-training resources; a timeline for building engagement with increasingly aggressive and ambitious programming; or a dashboard to measure efforts of the full executive team, we use a combination of coaching and data to make continuous improvements.