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Brands Are Couch Surfing Their Way Into The Screens Of Consumers – Here’s Why

August 9, 2019

Tomorrow, many consumers will be taking advantage of National Lazy Day. Couches will be surfed and screens – this includes phones, tablets and TVs – will be lit up. For brands, this means more opportunities for exposure, higher engagement and awareness in consumers’ homes, as more and more individuals opt for In Your Home (IYH) experiences over In Real Life (IRL) ones.

Here, FleishmanHillard’s Brand and Consumer Marketing experts dive into the ways brands can win over consumers this National Lazy Day – IYH vs. IRL.

From Sidelines to Screens: Staying Relevant in the Streaming Era

In this era, where consumers are binge-watching or cheering on their favorite teams from the comfort of their own couches, brands are having to find unique and tailored ways to get in front of their audiences on the platform of choice.

Streaming and subscription-based services have skyrocketed during the past few years and have quickly become the solution to Millennial (and neighboring generations) desires for quality content, cost and –  the big one – convenience.

With streaming increasingly becoming the cultural norm, the reality is that for modern-day consumers, some of the biggest events in entertainment now take place in their homes and on their couches. And can you blame them? Accounting for expensive tickets, transportation and food, not to mention the long lines and cramped seats, it’s no wonder they’re gathering their squad at home for unlimited chips, dips and viewing options. The champions of the IRL roar of a stadium, the laughter in a theater or the chest-rattling bass of your favorite band are dwindling as live streaming creates more tailored options for the at-home viewer – 45% of whom said they would pay for live, exclusive or on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker or performer.

With no escaping the influence that streaming now has, brands need to identify broadcasted moments that fit their values, generate relevant, attention-getting content, and seek out audiences that see eye-to-eye.

Our on-demand lifestyles are now, more than ever, defined by what we can access. But how does a seemingly endless library of curated content impact what we choose to watch, listen to and experience IRL? As we explore this new cultural norm – the duality of experiencing entertainment IRL vs. IYH – it’s important to look at the human truths and brand implications associated with this shift.

Sports, movies, shows, music – these are all forms of streamable at-home experiences that have joined the cultural shift. As consumers increasingly take advantage of their “lazy days,” we’ll continue to see brands form creative partnerships, sponsor activations, encourage live social sharing and promote on-screen engagements in order to stay relevant with these two co-existing forms of entertainment – IRL and IYH.

Madison Wood, a member of the Brand Marketing practice in our Dallas office, also contributed to this piece.