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Gen C: A New Virtual Sanity

July 21, 2020
By Lauren Winter

As management thinker Peter Drucker once said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” but right now brands need to get strategic about their cultural approach.

It has become my mantra over the past few months, it’s not enough to be culturally aware, we must be culturally committed.

We are reframing and resetting and with that comes a new code of conduct. The thrills of the boom feel like a hedonistic consumer and sales frenzy that through our new COVID lens, we are all left wondering how we ever played a part.

Just like people, brands need to stop apologising and over analysing their past, and act for their future.

We’ve gone from the frivolity of lockdown baking to the wake-up call of Black Lives Matter. Being momentarily paused allowed us to go back to basics… but then much more powerfully, looking at rewriting the wrongs.

And Gen C has spoken.

Generation C is ageless, unable to be categorised, they are strong-willed and yes, divided.

But for all brands out there, it’s clear which side to show up on when it comes to surviving the next purchasing wave of COVID.

Our recommendation — use that lens that COVID has gifted us and focus on what matters to people. Bring who you are to the table and put what you’ve learnt into practice.

Brand bandwagons whilst making some change, are too hollow. Commit and then commit some more.

Yes, you’re about to see stats and data, but look to those instinctively charged around you because they are the ones that will help you as a brand rebuild. And I’m pleased to say this report has been emotionally curated by our Youth and Culture team.

The one constant we can all continue to bank on is change and there’s a new formula in town, and I for one know how excited I am to rework mine.

Read the Gen C: A new virtual sanity report here.