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The Rise and Impact of the Retail RD

November 11, 2020

From social distancing to online shopping, there is no doubt that the grocery experience has changed. To succeed, grocery stores have pivoted to accommodate the needs of their shoppers — including shifting how retail registered dietitians (retail RDs) provide food, nutrition and culinary guidance.

Retail RDs are a subset within the larger RD profession that work at both the corporate and store levels. Whether it’s crafting store messaging or providing nutritional recommendations for shoppers’ dietary needs, retail RDs influence consumers’ decisions at the moment of purchase — making them valuable allies for marketers and brands.

Getting your brand, product or commodity on retail dietitians’ radar can be a key to its success. Retail dietitians influence where, when and how your product shows up, and at a time when health and wellness are at the forefront of many people’s minds, their influence should not be overlooked. While it may be hard to determine what else is in store for 2020 or 2021, the impact of the retail RD is one area that can drive growth.

As clients and consumers continue to revise their grocery shopping habits, it is important to acknowledge the health and wellness of every individual, monitor the market trends, and shine light on these health professionals. Our team of dietitians have expertise in nutrition communications and relationships with a network of retail RDs who can help you build your breakthrough retail RD strategy that includes:

Shaping Consumer Experiences

Whether it’s online shopping or special promotions, retail RDs have a pulse on the next big thing and regularly work with store leaders to highlight these products.

Providing Cooking Inspiration

Retail RDs are often the wizards behind the curtain selecting and developing the recipes highlighted by retailers – on their website, on social media and in app.

Continuing to Educate

From store messaging to one-on-one counseling, retail RDs are a trusted source for the latest nutrition information. This information often guides product selection, product placement and more.

Finding Connections

While a small subset of the larger dietitian profession, retail RDs belong to a number of various organizations and practice groups that provide educational opportunities that brands, products and commodities can collaborate with.