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Supporting the Foster Care Community During the Pandemic Through FH4Inclusion

January 14, 2021
By Ana Hernandez Quiros

The U.S. currently faces a shortage of foster parents for the 400,000 American children and youth in foster care. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more crucial that children, youth and foster families have access to the resources they need to build community, empowerment and hope.

This past fall, the FH4Inclusion Texas team partnered with National Angels, an organization that supports children in the foster care system and their families. We helped educate the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth communities about the foster care system and bring awareness to the work National Angels is doing in these communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The current crises have put a significant strain on foster care families. From assisting multiple foster children with virtual schooling to economic struggles to the inability to receive consistent in-person help, families and organizations are struggling.

Nonprofits like National Angels have taken on the challenge of ensuring children in the foster care system and their caretakers have consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship. National Angels, which began in Austin, Texas, is now serving children, youth and families across 22 U.S. cities, with important resources through its Love Box and Dare to Dream programs.

In prior years, National Angels hosted a gala around the holidays to raise money to support families. With COVID-19, this year the organization hosted a virtual Give-A-Thon. That’s where the FH4Inclusion Texas team stepped in — to aid in raising awareness about the event, the organization’s work in Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, and the current difficulties for foster care families and children during the pandemic.

The Give-A-Thon kicked off on Giving Tuesday and continued for three days. The FH4Inclusion team conducted media relations and community outreach support, securing interviews and articles with local media based in Austin and Dallas, including a segment with CBS. By the end of the three days, National Angels exceeded its Give-A-Thon goal by more than $100,000 and raised crucial funds to continue providing support to more children and families in foster care around Texas and across the country.

“We are blown away by the success of our first-ever Angels Give-A-Thon and are so hopeful and excited for the many lives that will be impacted in the communities we serve because of it.” Paige Procknow, chief marketing officer of Austin Angels

“With the pandemic bringing economic hardships for so many households, we didn’t know what results to expect from the fundraiser. It was an amazing surprise to see that National Angels not only met but exceeded its goal, with hundreds of people showing up to support the foster care community. It’s moments like this that make me grateful to be part of a company with so much power to create meaningful impact.” Ana Hernandez Quiros, FH4Inclusion Texas team member and Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellow

Photo courtesy of National Angels

Tate LaCasse and Ana Hernandez Quiros work with clients in healthcare, government and consumer brands in our Austin office.