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Perspectives: A New Administration and the U.S. Technology Market

February 19, 2021
By Alison McNally

Tomorrow will mark one month since the U.S. Presidential Inauguration. It comes as no surprise that President Biden and his administration have spent these early days largely focused on Covid-19 relief and vaccination distribution – clearly among the most critical issues for all Americans and businesses today. But as the infrastructure breakdown in Texas and recent GameStop Stock controversy demonstrate, addressing technology broadly – and its potential challenges or misuses – must be at the top of the new administration’s list.

Technology topics and issues are varied and far-reaching. While data privacy, the digital divide and antitrust may dominate the headlines, they only scratch the surface. The last four years have seen a tremendous focus on social media and international cyber-attacks, the next four will drill down on ethics, infrastructure, greater regulation and larger investments.

With this in mind, we decided to ask some technology leaders how they feel about the year ahead, and specifically the growth potential for the technology industry with the new administration. According to this recent research by FleishmanHillard’s TRUE Global Intelligence, IT decision-makers are largely optimistic the sector will grow under this new administration. In fact, 91% of those polled believe the sector would see growth in 2021 alone. This is expected to predominantly take place in the B2B space (58%) – undoubtedly tied to continued digital transformation, 5G rollouts, increased security protocols and the overall evolution of work and education. 2021 presents a huge opportunity for technology innovators to convene stakeholders across all industries and sectors – potentially redefining the market.

2021 has already established itself as another massively disruptive year…but many technology leaders are seizing this moment to innovate and help move our country forward.

View our “A New Administration and the U.S. Technology Market: Growth Perspectives from IT Decision-Makers” research here.