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3 in 5: Working to Increase Asian American Representation in Our Industry

May 12, 2021
By Whaewon Choi-Wiles

3 in 5 Asian Americans say they’re rarely, if ever, represented in marketing content, according to Morning Consult.

Seldom in frame, hardly the focus. This is one of those truths, once seen, can’t be unseen. Next time you’re scrolling aimlessly or streaming content, check the math — rarely and never is commonplace.

As a storyteller, marketing leader and Asian American this is about more than the data to prove what I innately knew. It’s a very personal call to action. The industry I serve doesn’t serve me, my family, my community, my team.

Bringing attention to the issue and creating change isn’t simply about representation, it’s about a seismic shift for Asian Americans who can embrace and honor their influence in the spaces they occupy and defy rather than be defined by stereotypes.

Beginning this Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we join Asian Americans in our industry to create and continue dialogue around AAPI representation through our work. We give our colleagues a platform for their stories so they can receive the basic and essential benefits of being seen, heard and celebrated. But beyond heritage month content, this May, unlike any May in the past, our agency is learning new behaviors and creating new muscle so our shared progress can outlive a singular month.

  • Working in collaboration with Omnicom, we initiated the 3 in 5 Challenge and called on agencies to submit PSAs that drive awareness to the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in advertising. Watch FleishmanHillard’s PSA to bring attention to Asian American storytelling.
  • Join FleishmanHillard in taking the 3 in 5 Pledge to eliminate racism toward the AAPI community, increase AAPI representation, foster inclusion and belonging, and recruit and elevate AAPI talent.
  • Read our AAPI employees’ personal stories on FleishmanHillard.com.