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Global Business Leaders View Multilateralism as Solution to Address World’s Challenges, Threats and Their Role in Driving Policies

August 5, 2021
By Mike Schmidt

A once-in-a-century pandemic. The China-U.S. trade war and territory disputes in the Pacific. Tensions with Russia. Conflict in the Middle East. Brexit. Temperatures are rising and testing geopolitical relationships around the world and it’s not only because of a warming planet. There’s that to address urgently, too.

Yet, according to a new report from FleishmanHillard, despite frayed relationships between governments around the world, there is considerable consensus among senior business executives from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and United States on their expectations, their roles and their view on the world’s most pressing issues — and their belief that multilateral diplomacy and international policymaking efforts are both necessary and highly effective.

FleishmanHillard’s TRUE Global Intelligence, the agency’s research practice, surveyed more than 700 business decision makers in the seven G20 countries and found executives from East to West surprisingly aligned on the main issues and threats facing the globe, and the belief that companies should actively work to help governments shape policies on critical issues.

One area where executives across the world were in agreement: they believe it’s necessary to be at the table working with and supporting governments to influence international issues (73%).

Two other interesting findings:

  • Almost half (45%) said they expect geopolitical issues to disrupt the business sector during the next 12 months.
  • More than seven in 10 (73%) believe there will be a global economic recovery during the next 24 months.

Read more about our global and country-specific findings in our Exploring Multilateral Cooperation report.