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Beyond Hispanic Heritage Month: Four Ways to Expand Your Strategy  

October 6, 2022
By Amelia Gomez and Ana Hernandez Quiros

Each year, when Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) rolls around, it isn’t uncommon to see inquiries come in with the question, “What can we do this year to honor the Hispanic and Latino community?”

It’s a fair question to ask, and one that our U.S. Hispanic counselors happily provide guidance on. We always start with: “What else is the brand doing beyond Hispanic Heritage Month?” or “What is the brand commitment to the U.S. Hispanic and Latino segment and how is the company advocating for or supporting the Hispanic community after Oct. 15?”

HHM is a timely, relevant moment to celebrate, connect with and elevate the voices of Hispanics and Latinos. Many brands have nailed some great campaigns centered around the annual celebration – but it shouldn’t be the only time you’re engaging with this audience.

While recognizing the day is important and, in some ways, can be a launchpad, it shouldn’t stand alone as the only annual initiative. As marketers and communications specialists, we understand the value of authentic, ongoing, consistent investments in the Hispanic segment. So, what can you be doing throughout the year to celebrate U.S. Hispanics and Latinos in a credible and meaningful way?

Four ways to celebrate U.S. Hispanics and Latinos in a meaningful way year round

  • Make HHM Part of a Larger Strategy: Brands are often looking for creative ways to activate during HHM. However, authentic, long-term connections are at the center of success, which is why it’s key to look beyond HHM and implement a U.S. Hispanic/Latino strategy rooted in consistency that aims to create meaningful engagements with the community throughout the year beyond a moment in time.
  • Invest in Research: If launching a campaign, major product or partnership is not in the plan right now, that’s OK. Instead, invest in getting to know your audience. Hispanic consumers are not a monolith, and there is vast diversity within the community – each with their own story, culture and experience. Investing in primary research will more accurately inform exactly which segments within the Hispanic community engage or could potentially connect with your brand. This will allow you to tailor a bespoke message and campaign that resonates and helps create stronger connections with this brand loyal audience.
  • Start from Within: Making sure there’s diverse Hispanic representation top to bottom within your organization is critical. Having appropriate representation from those leading any multicultural work is important to recognize and address the expansive diversity among Hispanic cultures. Input from members of the community is key to ensure inclusive messaging and culturally appropriate tactics are considered.
  • Connect with the Community: Identify partners, community events or organizations that are making strides and stepping up for the Hispanic community. Many of them look to brands to help provide resources, funding and employee support to keep their mission alive and it will offer an opportunity to work closely with those committed to making a difference.

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month is a good first step in acknowledging and celebrating the community, to shine a light on the impact of Hispanics in the U.S. and to support and inspire continued progress. However, activating beyond this moment in time should be a mainstay, to not only earn loyalty, but to be a true advocate and champion for Hispanics.