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FleishmanHillard Hires Apple PR’s Scott Radcliffe to Lead the Firm’s Global Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

May 14, 2024

ST. LOUISFleishmanHillard has named Scott Radcliffe as the agency’s global director of cybersecurity. In this new position he will be responsible for overseeing the agency’s global Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, which brings together communications expertise from across the firm to advise clients who are facing ever-increasing cyber risk. FleishmanHillard’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence sits at the intersection where crisis and preparedness, policy and issues, and product and innovation come together. The role will report to Tim O’Keeffe, FleishmanHillard’s global managing director of Technology.

“FleishmanHillard partners with global businesses to help them understand and navigate the role cybersecurity plays in this accelerated wave of digital transformation,” said O’Keeffe. “Right now, company leaders are under immense pressure to fully understand the new dynamics of U.S. disclosure policies when preparing for a potential cyber incident. Today, it’s more than just being prepared for a data breach, business leaders must now navigate changing policy and governance issues to remain compliant. FleishmanHillard, with Scott’s leadership, is uniquely positioned to help company leaders navigate through these changing dynamics.”

Radcliffe returns to FleishmanHillard from Apple, where he led cybersecurity communications. He previously served as the agency’s senior global data privacy and security expert from 2016 to 2020. He began his career in the U.S. Army after graduating from West Point, where he was first exposed to cybersecurity while working under the Multi-National Corps-Iraq Commanding General.

“Personal and corporate data have become some of the most valuable resources any organization has, and the threat to that resource is only growing as its value to bad actors continues to rise,” said Radcliffe. “It’s critical for every business to be as prepared as possible for a cyberattack and to understand how to navigate through that moment should an incident occur. In addition to making sure that business leaders thoroughly understand the increasing number of policies and regulations, it’s critical for businesses to better educate their customers and employees about how they can more securely interact with an organization’s network and protect their data. I’m thrilled to be back at FleishmanHillard and bringing our firm’s expertise forward to help company leaders that have cybersecurity at the top of their business agenda.”

Radcliffe has worked across sectors with experience in technology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, food and agriculture, government, gaming and financial services. In addition to cybersecurity, he has expertise in corporate crisis and reputation, executive communications, employee and internal communications and product and innovation storytelling.