It Can Wait – The Power of a Movement

How can AT&T’s It Can Wait further engage drivers and show new audiences the dangers of smartphone use behind the wheel? 

Since 2010, AT&T’s It Can Wait program has been the leading force behind the anti-distracted driving movement. However, as more smartphone distractions emerge, distracted driving has become more pervasive. Nearly nine in 10 people admit they do it, resulting in tens of thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths each year. And now this habit is transitioning into newer forms of transportation.  

To move the needle, AT&T tapped FleishmanHillard to communicate the results of distracted driving in a more personal way and extend the It Can Wait message to new industries and audiences. 

VR simulates the deadly implications of distracted driving.  

The results of distracted driving are usually communicated in statistics — rarely do drivers see what could have happened. Enter “Your Attention, Please” — a new VR experience designed to show the real-life implications of distracted driving. We launched the new experience at a Mobile Nations sponsored blogger-reader meetup during Distracted Driving Awareness Month — reaching popular bloggers and amplifying our message to their audiences.  

And with the help of forensic scientists and family members, we created two new ads highlighting what victims of distracted driving accidents would’ve looked like today. AT&T also collaborated with BIRD scooters for a new ad on the dangers of scooting while distracted and partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation to engage drivers with state-specific messaging.  

Keeping 10 million drivers safe with It Can Wait 

AT&T’s It Can Wait program garnered over 1 billion media impressions in 2018. But the momentum didn’t stop with earned media. Effective outreach and engaging content drove over 13 thousand social interactions and more than 10,000 participant views during the 2018 VR tour.  

All while collaborations with BIRD, TxDOT, Mobile Nations and blogger partners helped increase the number of pledges by over 10 million in 2018 alone, AT&T research concluded that 75% of people who made the pledge are committed to keeping it. That means a safer, less distracted future. 

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