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Elevating the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Healthcare Conversation to Parliament

4 min read
OFFICE: Dublin
MSUnderstood café advertising Multiple Sclerosis with woman saying this is a very strange cafe
our solution

Let everyone experience life with MS.

We brought the symptoms of MS to life in the MSUnderstood Café — a pop-up experience that included blurred signage, weighted furniture and more, simulating the real-life challenges of MS for unsuspecting patrons. We staffed the café with actors who made sure each customer got the full experience as hidden cameras captured their reactions. And we urged customers to visit patientsdeservebetter.ie to contact their political representatives and demand better medicinal access.

As the experience took over the media, we revealed new research showing public support of improved medicinal access. Through it all, we partnered with the MS Ireland patient group to make sure our message and the café experience rang true.

elevating the multiple sclerosis person with Karen

The MSUnderstood Café means the world to me. This shows everyone a day in the life that I go through.

Karen, lives with MS
the impact

We started a conversation that went behind headlines and into actual political discourse.

The impact was immediate. Within hours of the café opening, medicinal access had been put on the political agenda. After the event, two ministers wrote to the Minister for Health requesting healthcare market changes. The MSunderstood Café led to 60 parliamentary questions about improving access to MS treatment. And the Minister for Health met with MS Ireland to discuss the most effective ways to improve access to MS medicine.
total impressions (in a country of 2M adults)
café visitors in one day

Disease Awareness, Content & Entertainment: Live

Cannes Pharma Lions 2018

Event & Experiential Marketing

European Excellence Awards 2018

Public Health Initiative of the Year

Irish Healthcare Awards 2018