Bayer HealthCare


Sitting can be a great way to rest. But there can be too much of a good thing. In fact, a Westerner dies from a venous blood clot – known as thrombosis – every 37 seconds. The underlying cause of the world’s top-three cardiovascular killers, thrombosis has become common because of how much time people spend sitting (in front of screens, or on planes, trains or cars). Sitting for 90 minutes reduces blood flow in the legs by 50 percent, dramatically increasing the risk of a potentially killer clot.

Berlin-based Bayer HealthCare, which specializes in blood clot management, wanted to get people to stop, think and make time to move. In the countdown to the first-ever World Thrombosis Day (Oct. 13, 2014), Bayer launched Time2Move. Events held across 23 countries helped raise awareness of the situation and encouraged people to move more. A “Thrombo-Coach” rallied commuters at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz Station to use the stairs instead of escalators, and at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a flash-mob dressed as red-blood cells “clotted” the gate in a narrative about a young man’s incident. To further encourage people, Time2Move included a challenge and gave away pedometers.

The efforts earned extensive media coverage: 208-plus million in earned media impressions, more than 4 million on social media. In addition, nearly 50 countries adopted the Time2Move Challenge.