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California Table Grape Commission: California Grapes

Recent studies have shown that grapes are a top – and fast-growing – snack in America. So California’s table grape growers wanted to build on grapes’ snack reputation and showcase their many other uses. To do this, the California Table Grape Commission relies on consumer research. By observing everyday consumers on their visits to their grocery stores – combined with focus groups and surveys – FleishmanHillard has helped the Commission unlock the decision-making path grocery shoppers take to purchase and use grapes. The studies also produced a shopper experience map that helps inform the Commission’s conversations with grocery store produce managers.

The research efforts on behalf of the Commission also have included taste-test studies to help identify the ideal characteristics of potential new grape varieties. Separate focus groups and surveys have explored and evaluated consumers’ reactions to how grapes are packaged, the logo that accompanies them, which types of messages and advertisements are most effective in promoting them, and the demographic characteristics of shoppers who demonstrate the greatest enthusiasm for fresh grapes as either a snack or great-tasting, colorful add-in to their favorite dishes.

And tracking surveys with shoppers have helped measure the impact of the Commission’s efforts by quantifying increases in the proportion of people who: consider grapes a “staple” in their households, frequently include grapes on their shopping list, buy grapes weekly or more often, or prefer grapes from California to those from other origins.