Brand Marketing

Helping brands stand out, capture loyalty and increase share is increasingly complex. Brand marketing today is about matching a brand’s actions and behaviors against the consumers’ expectations and experiences — not short-term publicity stunts. FleishmanHillard’s team focuses on integrated marketing strategies that help align an organization’s brand with the expectations of its audiences. And we help clients develop a narrative that clearly defines their vision and value to stakeholders, creating measurable programs that evoke brand affinity, loyalty and response. Using our GPS (Goal, Perspective, Strategy) knowledge navigation and insights guidance system, our approach drives toward authentic engagement by aligning brand with reputation.

What We Do

Audience-Specific Marketing

Whether it’s women, moms, Hispanics and other multicultural audiences, LGBT, young adults, affluent lifestyles, or any other group, FleishmanHillard’s audience-centric focus provides the tools to understand stakeholder behavior and trends. Insights-based marketing campaigns create authentic engagement and deliver the “wow” experiences that build brand loyalty.

Celebrity & Influencer Marketing

FleishmanHillard’s full-service talent recommendation and acquisition services create true connections between brands and celebrities. Using our CelebFluence Scores, we assess celebrity appeal and create a concise overview of a talent’s influence on a target audience. In addition, we reach innovators and early adopters who drive trends in music, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and media. And we help clients develop brand personas that align with a target group of opinion leaders.


Every year, more than 250,000 products are launched. But only 15 percent last longer than 12 months. Across diverse industries, FleishmanHillard launches a new product every business day of the year, using our exclusive LAUNCH methodology to drive awareness and sales before, during and after products come to market. Programs include brand platforms that reach a variety of audiences, including employees, shareholders, policymakers and business partners, as well as end users and their influencers.


Across consumer lifestyle, entertainment, sports, social platforms or media organizations, we help organizations secure strategic sponsorships and alliances, using pre-established criteria and objectives to find a brand’s best correlation. This process evaluates brand assets alongside the assets of the partnering entity to create a customized relationship that advances a brand’s goals.

Social Impact STAR

Consumers expect brands to leverage their resources, spending and influence for social good, so FleishmanHillard’s STAR process evaluates and indexes current or potential partners across four major categories: Synergy, Touch, Assets and Reach. The STAR process is designed for collaborative efforts to raise awareness, educate and promote socially beneficial behaviors, providing a construct for ranking and indexing key attributes and assets of partners to create or inform more productive partnerships.


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