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Saving Thanksgiving and Football From Dry Turkey

3 min read
OFFICES: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Los Angeles and New York
Our Solution

A partnership so strategic and culturally relevant it was almost too good to be true. 

We all know that dry turkey can ruin a holiday meal. But according to our cultural research, it can also ruin a good media moment. One year earlier, a clip of a certain pro football wide receiver went viral when he spit out dry turkey during his Thanksgiving Day post-win interview.

So, we enlisted said football player and his wife to promote Lipton Iced Tea as a dry turkey antidote and reinforce the brand’s football ties. In a fast-paced, humorous video the duo demonstrated how to make a Lipton Iced Tea bird brine. We posted it across Lipton and the couple’s socials before the holiday and gave people chances to win a custom-branded bird brine container like the one used in the video.

We collaborated with Lipton flavor scientists to find the perfect salt-to-tea ratio based on bird size.

The Impact

Lipton Iced Tea made a splash.

Lipton Bird Brine became the talk of the pre-Thanksgiving table — disrupting culture and getting mentioned by the likes of FoodSided, OK! Magazine, MSN, Adweek, PR Week, Campaign US and more. The campaign garnered 3.2M views on TikTok and earned 145M+ impressions — surpassing the goal 15 times over. The positive social chatter emphasized the campaign’s success with comments like “Well played by Lipton to capitalize on this!! So good” and “I’m dying to get that tea container!!!!”
more earned media impressions garnered than the goal
views on TikTok alone