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Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC)

Proving Norway and Its Seafood Are a Great Catch

3 min read
OFFICE: Bangkok
our solution

Norwegian Culture = Norwegian Seafood

Thai people were unfamiliar with Norway’s century-old aquaculture traditions. To share this story and have it mean something to consumers, we told it through the eyes of actress Urassaya (Yaya) Sperbund, sending her back to her Norwegian roots. Across three days, Yaya reunited with family, cooked with famous chefs, experienced modern salmon farming, hiked mountains, hunted the Northern Lights and mingled with locals, culminating in “The Story from the North” video that beautifully represents Norway’s focus on people, nature and sustainability. We amplified the video via traditional, social and out-of-home media, including Bangkok’s sky train and underground transportation systems. A press conference featuring NSC’s director of Southeast Asia, Yaya and Chef Terje Ommundsen (known as Norway’s best “Thai chef”) aligned the media with our consumer-facing efforts.​

the impact

The Story from the North is a story of success.

The launch event attracted 72 media outlets, leading to 132 stories across Entertainment and Business. And in the first 10 months, “The Story from the North” video was viewed 11M times across YouTube, Facebook and Yaya’s Instagram account. But the real impact is what that exposure translated to. According to NSC, the campaign’s spontaneous branding score is one of the strongest among all NSC campaigns tested in recent years. In Bangkok alone, more than 50% of salmon buyers can correctly identify the brand. And overall, the campaign drove logo recognition to 87% — the highest among all NSC campaigns globally as of June 2023. Four months post-launch, salmon sales in Thailand had increased by 16.2%. And before the six-month mark, intent to purchase Norwegian salmon had reached 83%.
increase in Norwegian salmon sales in Thailand
of consumers intend to purchase Norwegian salmon