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FleishmanHillard’s expansive team of specialists across the globe serve a diverse and influential array of clients who represent virtually every link in the food chain – from farm to fork. We understand how each segment of the food industry is interrelated, and with this in mind, our teams are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. In addition, we have the ability to centralize in-depth knowledge on the many factors that influence the freedom to operate and grow, including consumer demand, economic and competitive pressures, obesity and health concerns, nutrition science, food safety, workforce and immigration issues, and environmental concerns.

What We Do

Food & Agribusiness Issues Management

FleishmanHillard works with organizations across the industry — producers, marketers, retailers, restaurants, food service companies — to navigate trends, standards, regulations, and the expectations of consumers and industry watchdogs. Our global team helps shape and convey accurate and credible messages to any question that shoppers, advocacy groups or regulators might have.

Nutrition Communications

FleishmanHillard’s experts help deliver nutrition messages that educate and change behaviors — to both consumers and RDs. Members of our team serve in leadership positions within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' dietary practice groups, speak at key events, and develop tailored proprietary programs. And in the U.S., we work daily with media dietitians to better educate shoppers.

Social Media Campaigns

Food is one of the content kings of the Internet, so the “content kitchen” never closes. And in a constantly changing online world, FleishmanHillard’s social media programs are designed to foster interaction, collaboration, community development, content creation and sharing across all digital channels.

Industry & Trade Relations

Food and agribusiness clients need to effectively communicate with farmers, growers, processors, importers, exporters, retailers and other key influencers. Whether through direct communications or trade media relations, FleishmanHillard’s experts focus on clarity, consistency, relevancy and practicality in tailoring and delivering messages.


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Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
  • Using Behavioral Tendencies to Predict Your Food and Nutrition Habits

    Amy Tatelbaum

    When it comes to food and nutrition, consumers have never been more aware about the calories and nutritional content of the foods they eat.  A recent survey by the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) analyzed the health and diet beliefs of over 1,000 Americans to determine how consumers’ behavioral habits affect their food purchasing…


    FNCE 2014: Perspectives From a Nutrition Communications RD

    Lindsay Arnett

    Once a year, registered dietitians (RDs) from across the world gather for the annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE®). This year’s conference drew a crowd of 9,400 attendees to Atlanta, Ga., for four days of food, nutrition education and networking. The FNCE® expo floor is always brimming with new research, valuable materials and…


    Are Chefs Keeping Up With Social Media?

    Jennifer Lerner

    In a recent post, my colleague Dan Barber wrote, “Food is social … and so is food communications.” After a recent meeting with corporate chefs from around the country, I can confidently confirm the industry is watching the food-centric conversation taking place in social media. My read – the game is changing rapidly and the…

  • Thoughts on Today’s Food Marketing Landscape (Part Two)

    Dan Barber

    In a recent post, we shared the first half of a dozen select insights about the U.S. food marketplace that FleishmanHillard’s food and agribusiness experts arrived at by reviewing published research and sharing our own personal and professional experiences. In this post, we are passing along the remaining six observations we believe should be taken…


    Menu Labeling: Building a Strategy for Implementation

    Kristie Sigler

    Included as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, menu labeling regulations are on track to be finalized no later than the end of this year. We believe there are two ways to think about implementing menu labeling: A painful and expensive exercise A great opportunity to develop a business-driving nutrition communications strategy that will…


    Authenticity and Food

    Matthew Orman

    Last month, the UK government’s horsegate tsar, Professor Chris Elliott launched the Institute of Food Safety Integrity and Protection (IFSIP), calling on industry, regulators and governments to come together and work even harder to ensure the food supply system is safe, wholesome and authentic. His use of ‘authentic’ in this context is revealing. It demonstrates an…

  • Thoughts on Today's Food Marketing Landscape

    Dan Barber

    Taking a frequent pulse on what matters in today’s food marketing landscape helps guide us in further increasing the consumption of our clients’ products. We recently landed on a dozen select insights about the U.S. marketplace based on published research, personal conversations, and professional experience.  In this post, we are sharing six of those observations…


    Food Trends Influence Consumer Purchasing Patterns

    Amari Thomsen

    Grocery shopping isn’t what it used to be when it comes to what consumers place in their carts and the reasons behind their selections. The latest nutrition and shopping trends directly influence consumers’ food choices and purchasing patterns and it’s up to dietitians to keep up. Dietitians who keep their finger on the pulse of…


    Retail Dietitians: An Opportunity for the Food Industry to Influence Health

    Lindsay Arnett

    Research shows that retail dietitians have an increasingly powerful voice when it comes to purchasing decisions and nutrition education for their supermarket. And as Americans become more interested in the healthfulness of their food, grocery store chains are relying on retail dietitians to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition trends and research.…

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  • Using Behavioral Tendencies to Predict Your Food and Nutrition Habits

  • FNCE 2014: Perspectives From a Nutrition Communications RD

  • Are Chefs Keeping Up With Social Media?

  • Thoughts on Today’s Food Marketing Landscape (Part Two)

  • Menu Labeling: Building a Strategy for Implementation

  • Authenticity and Food

  • Thoughts on Today's Food Marketing Landscape

  • Food Trends Influence Consumer Purchasing Patterns

  • Retail Dietitians: An Opportunity for the Food Industry to Influence Health

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