What Is It?

Delivering your message effectively via the media and before an audience is a learned art — an art that FleishmanHillard’s training professionals have honed. Drawing on decades of TV news and print journalism experience, our expert media trainers can teach you the essential principles and provide supportive, constructive feedback to ensure your success.

Our comprehensive media and presentation training can be customized for any organization. The training helps you to bring out your best during interviews – on camera or off – and effectively teaches you to deliver critical messages credibly and convincingly.

We can help you:


Understand precisely what
journalists seek

Turn interviews to your advantage

Avoid media disasters

Make presentations and answers

Develop clear and powerful

Remain focused on your story

Look your best and present proper
body language

Overcome anxiety


Customized Media Training Sessions

Every media training program is individually designed to meet your objectives and includes extensive preparation tailored to your company, industry and issues. When planning sessions, we factor in your goals, personal style, industry experience, target audience and business-specific purposes. Among our tools: realistic broadcast simulations (television and radio), news conferences, print interviews and webcasts to ensure spokespeople feel comfortable in any media setting. All sessions are videotaped and intensively reviewed. These critiques address both substance and style, your content and its effective delivery.

Presentation Training

FleishmanHillard trainers prepare executives to make all manner of presentations, whether in person or via video or audio feed. Our sessions are tailored to each individual and any circumstance, whether a formal speech, an investor roadshow or a sales call. Our trainers are prepared to assist with all facets of presentation, including organization, theme development, text preparation, effective use of visuals, style and delivery, and effective response to questions.

Persuasive Communication Training

Whether it’s selling a product or convincing key audiences to embrace an idea, persuasive communications is a vital leadership skill. Today’s business world demands that you communicate clearly and effectively. Following a brief overview of techniques, trainees are immersed in customized simulations. These practice scenarios, designed in consultation with the client, help prepare you for any setting where persuasion is essential. Each exercise is videotaped and reviewed with an intensive critique covering content and organization, delivery, pacing, and skill in answering tough questions.