American Society of Hematology

Blood - The Vital Connection

American Society of Hematology: Blood – The Vital Connection

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is the largest professional association of blood specialists in the world. FleishmanHillard helped ASH develop and promote “Blood: The Vital Connection,” a consumer campaign designed to educate the public about the importance of healthy blood, raise awareness of hematology as a vitally important specialty, and position ASH as a premier voice on hematological research, treatment and care.

The campaign included a documentary film, “Blood Detectives,” that aired on Discovery Health. In conjunction with the campaign and documentary, FleishmanHillard created a patient-facing, consumer-friendly website and supported the launch of the documentary with a multifaceted media campaign, including a radio media tour, audio news release and documentary screening, that generated millions of impressions.

The agency has worked with ASH to select the most media-friendly research studies to publicize and has helped increase the attendance of journalists at the ASH’s annual meeting by more than 50 percent. There has been greater media coverage in mainstream outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, CBS News and WebMD for each successive year, as well as greater coverage of studies specifically referenced in the ASH press program.