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Your Next Defining Moment: Navigating the COVID-19 Vaccine Landscape — Guidance for Business Leaders and Communicators

January 28, 2021
By Ken Fields

COVID-19 has defined everything it has touched – from politics to personal relationships. And, your relationship with employees has been reshaped by this virus. They have watched closely how you have dealt with them throughout the pandemic. The next marker on that road is the arrival of vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines hold great promise for individuals and organizations across the globe who are eager to emerge into a post-pandemic era. But as with everything related to COVID-19, vaccine questions are complicated. Once again, employers have to balance the health of their employees with the health of their business … priorities that sometimes have been at odds. Unfortunately, the vaccine decisions are numerous, as are the stakeholders involved, and the ramifications of a misstep. Corporate reputation, brand, organizational culture, legal liability, sales, profit and more are on the line.

This document is designed to help business leaders and communicators think through the implications of their organization’s vaccine decisions. While the guidance on the pages that follow is of a general nature, FleishmanHillard’s global team of employee communications, reputation management, brand, and issues management experts is well equipped and available to help develop and implement vaccine-related communications plans tailored to your organization … and we would welcome the opportunity to do so.