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Strengthening Business Continuity for U.S. Soy

3 min read
OFFICE: St. Louis
our solution

Make the most of the virtual world’s capabilities and recreate the live trade show experience.

Working within a digital-only landscape was a given. But how we activated within it wasn’t. Knowing that USSEC’s success (and U.S. Soy farmers’ profitability) is driven by face-to-face meetups, we needed to ensure these virtual events were more than a standard video conference.

Aiming and intending to host key U.S. Soy importers, we helped USSEC build a compelling visual identity for the year’s events, as well as a complete digital environment on conference platforms that emulated real life through design, layout, interactive activities and on-demand content. We helped craft engaging presentation subject matter and guided event speakers in delivering meaningful remarks.

USSEC soybean export council digital rendering of an office

90% of attendees deemed USSEC’s virtual events a valuable alternative to in-person meetings.

the impact

It was clear that USSEC was still open for business — and just as valuable as ever.

USSEC held 33+ strategic, insightful and engaging virtual events, hosting influential decision-makers like U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and Under Secretary Ted McKinney. One event alone convened U.S. Soy customers and industry representatives from 84 countries. And the organization’s annual flagship conference assembled 1,500 attendees digitally. Event after event, the turnout was strong. But we really wanted to know if guests felt like the events were “worth it.” And they did.
virtual events held (Mar-Aug)
total attendees across 84+ countries
Global survey results show USSEC virtual trade shows efficacy