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Cultivating relief and hope for U.S. farmers

3 min read
OFFICES: Sacramento, St. Louis and Chicago
our solution

Advocate for farmers with help from those authentic to the cause — and with millions of followers, too!

We paired popular regional food, ag and lifestyle influencers with top-tier celebrity, award-winning actor and long-time farmer advocate Eva Longoria to execute a two-tiered influencer strategy that would generate campaign success. Eva educated consumers about the financial plight of farmers via her social channels and a series of top-tier press interviews — generating dozens of earned media placements. Six targeted regional influencers in key markets reinforced the message and drove consumers to retail to buy Tillamook products during the fundraising month.

the impact

The sales were incredible. And the relief farmers received was invaluable. But Tillamook is just getting started.

Beyond securing more than 50 interviews, 300+ media stories and 706 million impressions, our OmniearnedID analysis revealed that sales increased more than 30% among those who were exposed to the regional influencers — enabling TCCA to make the largest-ever single contribution from a corporate partner to AFT. The donation allowed for the creation of the Brighter Future Fund, a micro-grant program sponsored by TCCA through at least 2023, which, to date, has provided financial relief grants to 130+ farmers (96% are underserved or underrepresented, including female, nonbinary, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and beginning farmers). The money is also helping put agricultural easements on 8,500 acres of farmland — protecting it from development and preserving it for future generations.
more sales among those exposed to regional influencer content
dollars raised for U.S. farmers in one month
The program was so successful that TCCA is gearing up for more, creating the All For Farmers Coalition of like-minded brands to continue raising funds for the future of farming.

For year two, a new curated online marketplace will contribute a percentage of sales directly to AFT with certain items contributing a full 100%.