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Transforming the Milk Industry and Consumer Priorities

4 min read
OFFICE: London
Transforming the milk industry campaign window sign stating are you willing to shop in the dark?
our solution

Listen. Learn. Launch.

First things first: research. We held 14 focus groups, and we surveyed work with U.K. parents, foodies and B2B audiences to better understand their views on milk, dairy consumption, the importance of nutrients and what influences shopper habits. We learned B2B audiences would only offer and sell milk in light-protective packaging if there was consumer demand and noise around the issue. Proof that we needed to target B2B and B2C audiences.

With Newcastle University, we developed a report introducing light’s detriment to milk’s nutrients. Then we launched a B2B trade publication campaign about giving customers products they can trust, a B2C campaign supported by influencers called “Light Damage is Real,” a website, and a “Dairy in the Dark” pop-up taste test and shopping experience. As consumers began to rally for change, we put Noluma and light protection in front of our B2B audience through sales kits, representatives and a LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

Noluma milk on shelves

Freshways, the U.K.’s largest independent milk processor, signed a deal putting 446M liters of light-protected milk on refrigerated shelves across 2,400 U.K. stores.

the impact

We transformed retailer and consumer priorities when it comes to milk storage and containment.

We got people to care about light-protected milk. But even more, we got them to speak up about it. 500 consumers lobbied for change. And it’s not only driving major awareness for a never-before-heard-of company and its barely-been-heard-of cause, it’s changing the way an entire industry does business. 2,000 decision-makers sent LinkedIn lead-gen forms to Noluma. With three major deals signed, eight pilots secured and millions of light-protected packages committed to, the unprotected-milk issue is on the rise.

A pre-campaign survey showed no recognition of Noluma as a brand and limited awareness of light protection as an issue. But survey results six months post-campaign revealed a significant shift across our B2B audience.
had heard about Noluma from PR or social media
knew of Noluma in relation to light protection over any other brand
Milk industry statistics

B2B Campaign

PRWeek UK Awards 2020

Silver, B2B Campaign

PRMoment Awards 2020


ICCO Global Awards 2020

Strategy and Evaluation in a Campaign

ICCO Global Awards 2020


Brilliant and unique campaign with tangible and impactful results.
PRWeek UK Awards judge