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Christmas tree promotion board (CTPB)

Convincing Consumers to Keep it Real at Christmas (Tree) Time

3 min read
OFFICE: Sacramento
our solution

Lean into CTPB’s research roots to unearth the industry’s reality. Then deck it with positivity.

We launched a consumer survey to understand how the pandemic might affect purchasing plans and uncovered all kinds of human truths and consumer sentiments. The most important? People felt real Christmas trees could help end a difficult year with good memories.

We grew that message into a full-on campaign led by a first-and-frequent media relations approach. We delivered unique survey data to the media in multiple ways via multiple channels. And, we partnered with national and local influencers, creating funny memes with Scary Mommy, a Real Christmas Trees 101 video with “Dad, How Do I?” and more. Together, we reinforced our research, our message and drove traffic to the tree locator on CTPB’s already established microsite.

Real Christmas Tree Sales Headlines 2020

The real Christmas tree industry’s success was captured in headlines everywhere.

the impact

The real-tree industry had itself a merry little Christmas. And a big jump in sales.

Real Christmas tree sales saw a banner year driven by the trends identified in our survey and emphasized through the messages we developed using the findings. We gave real Christmas trees a point of relevance in the pandemic-dominated media landscape and made it possible for the CTPB to cut through the clutter. This led to the most impactful media relations results year that the CTPB has ever had, including more than a 20% increase in YOY coverage and nearly 5X as many impressions.
total pieces of coverage
total impressions
Real Christmas Tree Consumer Preference Survey Results

Best Use of Data Analytics

PRSA Bronze Anvil Awards 2021