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Reese's Brand

Making Holiday History With a Beloved Candy Brand

3 min read
OFFICE: Chicago

Reese’s overall sales tripled following the initial Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie announcement.

our solution

Position Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie as something everyone can be thankful for.

Exclusive. Epic. And 100% edible. There’d never been anything like the Reese’s Pie. And once all 3,000 were sold, there might never be again. So, with earned media as the only marketing lever, we focused on the Reese’s Pie’s key features (weight, dimensions, etc.), highlighted the pie as Reese’s’ largest Peanut Butter Cup ever for sale, and emphasized its limited availability.

We created a simple call to action, driving people to Reese’s website for purchase, and a compelling key visual that showed a Reese’s Pie at the center of a Thanksgiving table to instantly communicate the pie’s story. These assets became the main course of the campaign, which strategically unveiled the pie a week before Thanksgiving to get ahead of the saturated news cycle and ensure pies could be delivered in time.

the impact

The results were as sweet as the pie itself.

With more than 45.5 billion impressions and nearly 20,000 placements across broadcast, traditional and social outlets (plus, 100% positive/neutral sentiment), all previous Reese’s earned campaign totals were shattered. It was clear everyone wanted a piece of Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie. And less than two hours after going on sale, the pies were sold out. Ninety of them were listed for resale online with some selling for as much as $570 — hundreds more than the original price!
impressions (45 times the goal)
increase in Reese’s social traffic after the announcement