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Samsung Mobile

Dialing Up Gen Z Love for a Mid-Range Smartphone

3 min read
OFFICES: Los Angeles, Orange County, New York and Dallas
Our Solution

Position Galaxy A series as the ultimate supporter of self-expression.

Our media consumption pull revealed that Gen Z doesn’t read tech media. They exclusively consume news on overcrowded social channels. Knowing traditional earned tactics wouldn’t be enough to truly connect with our young audience, we engaged top BuzzFeed Creators (and influencers) — Alix, Aria and Maya — at launch. We challenged them to create videos with A series in one hour that centered around “truth and joy,” a theme BuzzFeed created to connect with Gen Z.

Sponsored content from our influencer creators was also featured on BuzzFeed’s homepage, recapping their unique video-making experiences and increasing A series coverage on the platform. The creative freedom given to the influencers ultimately helped maximize relevance, spurred conversation around the brand and proved that the A series can transform compelling ideas into captivating content.  

Our authentic activation spread Galaxy A series love far beyond paid partners and into the hearts of Gen Z.

The Impact

Our message wasn’t just delivered. It was 100% well received.

More than 200,000 consumers took the next step in learning more about A series by heading to Samsung’s website. The company leapfrogged its leading competitor, experiencing double-digit growth in A series model awareness and overall brand awareness. Samsung’s strong emphasis on creativity and lighthearted narratives throughout the campaign connected with the core audience and their drive to create.
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