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Inspiring Lifesaving Changes in Consumer Skincare Behaviors

3 min read
OFFICES: Austin, Dallas and New York
In the Sun film for consumer skin health
our solution

Be content-focused vs. advertising-focused. Always.

We developed a driving purpose to keep Neutrogena Studios genuinely focused on skin health vs. product sales: Reach diverse audiences (AKA everyone!) with educational information and inspire them to action. Our communications approach was twofold. Introduce consumers to Neutrogena Studios and its purpose through targeted placements. Then drive viewership for “In the Sun” through interviews with Kerry Washington and film screenings, including at the Tribeca Film Festival and with 1,600+ middle and high schools in collaboration with We Are Teachers.

We made sure everything surrounding Neutrogena Studios and the film remained on-mission and assembled a board of advisors from various industries to bring unique perspectives and carry through Neutrogena Studios’ purpose in all content. To engage and inspire a younger generation, we helped establish the First Frame™ Program, powered by Ghetto Film School, to empower aspiring Gen Z filmmakers to create short films that align with Neutrogena Studios’ mission.

In the Sun documentary inspires lifesaving changes in consmer skin health routines

93% of viewers were more aware of the dangers of skin cancer after watching the film.

the impact

We’re helping Neutrogena capture the crowd and inspire change.

Our two-part strategy is not only solidifying Neutrogena Studios as the real deal and an authentic conduit for lifesaving information. It’s exposing people to real issues in skin health and motivating them to change how they spend time in the sun.
film views on YouTube in the first four months
campaign minutes (~17.9 years!) watched across mediums in the first four months
In the Sun consumer survey results