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Asian Investors Diversify Portfolios to Build Resilience During Volatility,
New FleishmanHillard Report on Asset Management in Asia Shows

May 8, 2023

Credibility and Performance Continue to be the Key Criteria for Selecting Asset Managers

HONG KONG – Asian investors are becoming increasingly risk averse and seeking to diversify their portfolios to improve resilience during this period of market volatility, according to FleishmanHillard’s The Future of Asset Management in Asia 2023.

Published together with the agency’s TRUE Global Intelligence practice, the report features analysis drawn from an online survey of Asian investors. The report also includes an overview of the latest trends in Asia’s asset management industry.

The 2023 Asia report shows that Asian investors view inflation and stagflation as their biggest financial risk (50%) in 2023, triggering them to diversify their investments to build resilient portfolios. Despite equities funds (67%) and fixed income funds (56%) continuing to be the most frequently traded asset classes among this audience, the number of investors who said that they traded or invested in equities funds declined 10 percentage points from a year earlier. In addition, a number of investors said that they traded or invested in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets (39% in Asia excluding mainland China) and private equity funds (28%). Around half (47%) of investors in the region said they have used ChatGPT or other AI tools to provide them with guidance and advice. However, 54% of the investors who have used ChatGPT or other AI tools said that it was not helpful in investment decision making.

“During this current period of high volatility across global capital markets, we’ve seen growing interest from investors for private equity, alternatives and even semi-liquid products. This presents growing opportunities for asset managers to double down on their efforts on product diversification and innovation to appeal to investors’ interests,” said Patrick Yu, Asia Pacific lead of FleishmanHillard’s Financial and Professional Services sector.

Similar to the results in last year’s report, the 2023 report also shows that the performance (94%) and credibility (93%) of the asset management house continued to be the top two most important criteria for investors in Asia Pacific (APAC) in asset manager selection. The ESG commitment of asset managers (82%) continues to rank highly in criteria for asset management selection, as ESG plays a central and integral role for most investors in APAC when making investment decisions.

In addition, respectively 90%, 89% and 89% of the Asian respondents said that transparency in communications with customers, sophistication in risk management, and transparent fee disclosure are amongst the most important qualities for asset managers respectively.

“It’s clear that an asset manager’s credibility and performance continue to be major factors for investors in Asia when they decide on where to invest their capital,” Yu said. “Asset managers must continue to demonstrate their global investment expertise and capabilities, ESG commitment and enhanced transparency in customer communications to raise their profiles across Asian markets.”

The survey also found that:

  • Investors in Asia continue to show interest in emerging industries. In the next 12 months, investors are most interested in investing in the AI sector (50%), followed by the internet and technology sector (40%) and the biotechnology industry and healthcare sector (38%). ESG-related investment opportunities (34%) and cryptocurrencies (29%) are two other sectors to keep an eye on in 2023.
  • Investors in South Korea (34%) and mainland China (29%) are more risk averse and tend to shift their investments into risk-off products, while investors in Hong Kong (31%) are more willing than other APAC markets to move some capital into higher risk financial instruments.
  • Financial media outlets (53%) remain the key source of information for investors to learn about funds and investment products, but an increasing number of investors across the region use social media to receive investment related information – 43% in 2023 vs. 33% in 2022 – outperforming usage of the websites of fund houses (39%) and independent financial advisers (36%).
  • With regard to ESG commitment and compliance, investors in the region say it’s important for asset managers to “walk the talk” when proxy voting in listed companies (88%). A similar percentage (86%) place importance on transparency from asset managers in ESG data and protocols, as well as clarity in ESG goals and objectives (85%).

FleishmanHillard’s The Future of Asset Management in Asia 2023 report includes quantitative data and qualitative analysis on the asset management industry in Asia. FleishmanHillard TRUE Global Intelligence fielded an online survey of 1,000 investment professionals in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and South Korea between April 4 and April 11, 2023. All respondents self-identified as having traded or invested in at least one of the following: equities funds, fixed income funds, ETFs, alternatives, balanced funds, PE funds, digital assets or cryptos.A mainland China focused report, The Future of Asset Management in China 2023, is also available for asset managers interested specifically in this growing market.

Following the success of the previous Asia and China reports, FleishmanHillard is pleased to announce that it will launch European and U.S. versions in the coming months to provide more perspectives on the asset management industry.


FleishmanHillard UK appoints Malek El Refaie its new head of Talent and Transformation

May 25, 2022

FleishmanHillard UK has hired Malek El Refaie to lead and grow the Talent & Transformation offering to new and existing clients. Malek joins the agency with almost 20-years of experience advising organisations globally on their people, change and communications needs. Malek will report to Jim Donaldson, FleishmanHillard CEO UK and Middle East, and act as […]

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Reassessing Sustainability in the Hyper-Connected, Peri-COVID World

July 7, 2021

Among many lessons COVID-19 has taught us is how we define ‘global’ as a market, a planet and most importantly, a community. For over a year now, many countries have been staying ‘socially distanced’ while being tested to overcome new kinds of hurdles and challenges on their own. Yet, the call for world leaders and businesses to come together as an international society to address social, environmental, financial and healthcare issues has finally gotten the attention it deserves.

Convening the Thought Leaders

In this context, FleishmanHillard Korea saw the need to support some of the world’s most prestigious think tanks and institutions as they worked to better communicate their mission and vision to foster global collaboration and support the United Nations’ 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development (UN SDGs). As part of our FH4Inclusion pro-bono and volunteer initiative, FleishmanHillard Korea sponsored the third annual Global Engagement & Empowerment Forum on Sustainable Development (GEEF). The event was co-hosted by Yonsei University and its Institute for Global Engagement & Empowerment (IGEE), as well as the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future and the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens (which is led by the eighth Secretary-General of the UN himself).

The Feb. 4-5, 2021 virtual event was live streamed on YouTube and focused on the theme of “3Ps Beyond Security: Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership,” reimagining global partnership in the post-COVID-19 era and the path forward to accelerate the achievement of the UN SDGs.

More than 60 international leaders and influencers led or participated in sessions that reached 3,500 viewers worldwide. Former South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, 12th President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim and Deputy Secretary-General of the UN Amina J. Mohammed discussed reshaping the global order and building partnerships to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

The seventh Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan, Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh A.K. Abdul Momen and others offered insights on multilateral cooperation. In featured sessions, panel speakers discussed the progress and prospects of SDGs across the areas of higher education, healthcare, technology and more.

FleishmanHillard Korea sponsored the Global Engagement & Empowerment Forum on Sustainable Development hosted by Yonsei University.

Addressing the Forgotten

A highlight of the forum was the conversation between Secretary-General and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, who passionately advocated for the global community to lend a helping hand to address the needs of the world’s refugees, children and women who have often been marginalized in the response to the pandemic.

In the session titled “Leaving No One Behind in a Post-Pandemic World,” Jolie urged businesses and organizations to not only help but invest in populations who are frequently left behind. “The strength of being so strong in value, in humanity, and helping to reach out and balance and work with the peoples of the world, is the strongest way forward. […] There is no better investment. Yes, it is the humane thing to do. It is also smart thing to do,” said Jolie.

Ban Ki-Moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Angelina Jolie, an UN High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy, hosted a special conversation titled “Leaving No One Behind in a Post-Pandemic World.”

Shedding a Light on Inclusiveness

FleishmanHillard in Korea’s support for the Forum is an extension of the team’s collaborative relationship with a network of thought leaders and think tanks in the country, the APAC region and beyond.

Yvonne Park, president and senior partner of FleishmanHillard Korea, is a true believer in learning from the lessons that are borne out of challenging times. “The global pandemic has given us another chance to reflect on what sustainable development requires. We have an important opportunity to be truly inclusive and reconvene as the citizens of the world, wherever we are. Under the agency-wide commitment to FH4Inclusion we stay 75 years young in making a difference and being a positive influence in Korea and beyond.”


FleishmanHillard Partners with PRovoke Media for ‘Creativity In PR’ Study

The seventh edition of the annual PRovoke Media, ‘Creativity In PR’ study has been released, co-authored by PRovoke Media and Now Go Create, in partnership with FleishmanHillard. […]

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Transforming Lives Through Employability — Redefining Purpose for Ex-Offenders

May 14, 2021

The pandemic has now been with us for over a year, and since then the world has shifted its diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) lens. We have become more empathetic, more deeply committed to much needed social change — two key characteristics that have helped to bring communities together throughout these very uncertain times.

As part of the increased sense of community, one sector challenging the norm is judicial reform. This is emerging as a prominent platform for discussion and spearheading genuine change and action for the rehabilitation of offenders.

Since August of last year, the FH4Inclusion UK team has been working closely with Key4Life, a charity and social justice organisation that helps transform the lives of ex-offenders. The organisation works with corporates and small businesses to rebuild the lives of these incarcerated young men by guiding them through resilience training, providing mentors, opening employment opportunities, enabling them to earn an income and broadly integrating back into society.

The Key4Life Effect

Reoffending currently costs the UK government £18.1 billion a year. A Key4life participant is four times more likely to be employed a year after their release than their peers, and only 16% of those who’ve completed Key4Life’s programmes have re-offended, compared to the national reoffending rate of 64% one-year post-release. 

The statistics of where these young men come from are very sobering. Sixty-five percent of boys with convicted fathers will go on to offend; 30% of the young men are fathers themselves; and 48% don’t have a home upon release. This makes the story of the Key4Life participants and their resilience even more extraordinary.

As a visionary and change agent, the CEO and Founder of Key4Life, Eva Hamilton, continues to inspire us and has been the vital engine behind the success of the programmes thanks to her passion and belief in the promise of these young offenders.

Our Key4Life FH4Inclusion Communications Strategy and Outcomes

When we started our partnership with Eva and her team, we identified early in the piece, that their powerful story needed to be heard by a wider audience in order to unlock more funding and employability partnerships with corporates and small business. The funding for these programmes often means the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

As part of the comms and thought leadership programme, we have helped to extract the key chapters of the Key4Life story, bringing it to life through narrative building, and developing its comms plan for 2021. With those new disciplines and communication structures in place, we have approached 2021 with an exciting outreach and storytelling programme. One that drives greater awareness and ultimately elevates the social conscious of corporate organisations, recasts their prejudice about employing ex-offenders, and encourages them to open their doors and offer meaningful jobs and purpose for these men.

In February, we helped to craft a release and a media engagement approach, in partnership with Will Gethin from Conscious Frontiers, built around a Brixton prison graduation event, which celebrated the young men who had come through the rehabilitation program. Highlighting that the DE&I lens was high on the agenda in the business world at this time, and against the backdrop of a continued locked-down nation and employment decline, a news article was secured with the Press Association featuring five prison graduates who had attained fulfilling jobs or set up an enterprising business during lockdown. 

We knew the story was timely and powerful, so much so that it was syndicated in more than 100 newspapers across Britain, reaching millions of readers. This was the first time that a Key4Life story had been so widely amplified and the outcomes of that storytelling left a powerful legacy. Greater awareness led to increased incoming calls from corporates who were more open to recruiting ex-offenders, and positive coverage about ex-offenders whose talents and true potential had been revealed.

The employability programme has achieved more than 500 long-term placements and jobs and we are excited to see the communications strategies driving higher engagement and corporate support for this meaningful program.

The Impact of Our Work — On Key4Life and Our Team

“We have been delighted and grateful to partner with the FleishmanHillard (FH) team, at a time that the conversation on DE&I is so central to social reform.

During the time we have worked with FH, their contribution has been impactful, more than we could have hoped for. The true value was in helping realign our communications strategy to support one of the most intractable problems in the UK which is the rehabilitation of youth offenders.

The story of Key4Life needs to be sensitively handled but equally offer a powerful opportunity to change perceptions. FH has brought an extraordinary gift to Key4Life: to bring that blend of our story to life. With the help of the FH team, we can see the powerful story of Key4Life gaining scale, helping us to reach and engage with a greater number of corporate stakeholders and sponsors to grow the reach and impact of our rehabilitation programme.”Eva Hamilton

“To have the opportunity to partner with someone of Eva Hamilton’s caliber and experience in the social justice sector has been a privilege. Through Eva, her passion for the charity and the story of what Key4Life brings, we have been able to see first-hand the transformation of lives and the opportunities afforded by recasting ex-offenders in a positive light. This programme genuinely delivers positive social impact at scale. One life at a time, the charity has reached and transformed the lives of nearly 500 former offenders.

Living our true values of DE&I has been made possible by working alongside Eva, and the courageous participants seeking to follow the programme. Our fulfilling experience with this charity, and the practical vision to help translate their work into powerful, compelling storytelling, will remain a life-changing journey for our FleishmanHillard (FH) team.”Myrna van Pelt, True MOSAIC lead, EMEA


3 in 5: Working to Increase Asian American Representation in Our Industry

May 12, 2021
By Whaewon Choi-Wiles

3 in 5 Asian Americans say they’re rarely, if ever, represented in marketing content, according to Morning Consult.

Seldom in frame, hardly the focus. This is one of those truths, once seen, can’t be unseen. Next time you’re scrolling aimlessly or streaming content, check the math — rarely and never is commonplace.

As a storyteller, marketing leader and Asian American this is about more than the data to prove what I innately knew. It’s a very personal call to action. The industry I serve doesn’t serve me, my family, my community, my team.

Bringing attention to the issue and creating change isn’t simply about representation, it’s about a seismic shift for Asian Americans who can embrace and honor their influence in the spaces they occupy and defy rather than be defined by stereotypes.

Beginning this Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we join Asian Americans in our industry to create and continue dialogue around AAPI representation through our work. We give our colleagues a platform for their stories so they can receive the basic and essential benefits of being seen, heard and celebrated. But beyond heritage month content, this May, unlike any May in the past, our agency is learning new behaviors and creating new muscle so our shared progress can outlive a singular month.

  • Working in collaboration with Omnicom, we initiated the 3 in 5 Challenge and called on agencies to submit PSAs that drive awareness to the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in advertising. Watch FleishmanHillard’s PSA to bring attention to Asian American storytelling.
  • Join FleishmanHillard in taking the 3 in 5 Pledge to eliminate racism toward the AAPI community, increase AAPI representation, foster inclusion and belonging, and recruit and elevate AAPI talent.
  • Read our AAPI employees’ personal stories on FleishmanHillard.com.

YesAuto Says ‘Yes’ to FleishmanHillard to Lead its UK PR Work

May 7, 2021

YesAuto, the online car marketplace has appointed FleishmanHillard UK to handle its consumer and corporate communications campaigns, following a three-way competitive pitch. YesAuto, launched in the UK in 2020, is a website and app that connects buyers with dealers and car manufacturers through its innovative smart technology to make car buying simpler and more transparent. […]

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Draft Day in Jacksonville — The Storm Before the Calm

May 5, 2021
By Jim Woodcock

The “Presumptive First-Overall Pick.” 

That’s how Trevor Lawrence was described during the months leading into last week’s NFL Draft, and it was stating the obvious. The Jacksonville Jaguars owned the choice and would not pass up drafting the 21-year-old from Clemson University widely considered to be one of the greatest quarterback prospects ever to enter the league.

However, when first-year Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer coyly indicated that the decision would ultimately be determined by the team’s owner, all attention turned to Shad Khan. 

Khan, who has called on FleishmanHillard (FH) for support in all of his business and sports endeavors since 2010, wasn’t going to play spoiler. However, the opportunity to maximize the anticipation of Draft Day among fans, sponsors, rightsholders and others was the same as Trevor Lawrence himself — once in a generation. With the objective of generating new team business and just having fun, Khan and FH embarked on a plan built on exclusive access for select national media to one of sports’ most intriguing and engaging owners, provided all agreed to focus only on Lawrence, Coach Meyer, the NFL Draft and what Khan thought of it all. The buy-in was 100 percent.

The signature play was the sports front page — and nearly an entire page inside — in The New York Times on the Monday of Draft Week with two trusted NFL reporters who interviewed Khan, Coach Meyer, team executives, college coaches and fans over several weeks. Key to the success of the piece was accepting that the story couldn’t be told without owning how the Jaguars’ struggles in recent years, marked by a 1‑15 season in 2020, made the No. 1 overall pick possible. Client maturity and candor resulted in an epic color spread that wasn’t always glowing, but offered exceptional insight into Khan’s thinking and provided small-market Jacksonville a global stage to espouse hope and belief, and celebrate a moment unlike any in franchise history.

The same morning, a strategically timed Monday Morning Quarterback column on Sports Illustrated’s website led with Khan’s insight on the process of hiring Meyer, who won two national titles at the University of Florida and one at Ohio State, and the impact that a premier quarterback — presumptively, Lawrence — would have on the Jaguars. With appetite growing to hear more from Khan, a strictly invite-only video session with six writers the following day generated additional momentum on the Associated Press wire, NFL.com, the local Florida Times-Union and the team’s website. Khan continued to deftly dodge the question, but Trevormania was hitting a new stride.

In the 24 hours preceding the pick, Khan would make one more sweep with the local official radio and television stations of the Jaguars, the NFL Network and the Black News Channel, of which he is the majority investor. Finally, on Thursday night, it was Coach Meyer and general manager Trent Baalke who made the initial call to Trevor Lawrence, resulting in widespread celebration throughout North Florida while simultaneously creating a sense of comfort and calm among Jaguars fans of all generations. But, it was Khan who enjoyed the privilege the following day of first welcoming the quarterback and his wife Marissa as they arrived at the stadium for introductions, a raucous exchange with third-graders and a press conference that finally made it all real. 

NBC’s Peter King, who was afforded private Friday morning sessions with Khan and Coach Meyer, aptly concluded his report this past Monday with a parting thought from Khan:

“We’ll enjoy the honeymoon,” Khan said, “until the ball is snapped.”


FleishmanHillard Earns Multiple Shortlist Nods Across PRovoke North America SABRE and North America Agencies of The Year Awards 2021

April 14, 2021

ST. LOUIS, April 13, 2021 – FleishmanHillard received recognition for notable client work and agency accomplishments at this year’s North America SABRE Awards and North America Agencies of the Year Awards, presented by PRovoke Media.

PRovoke North America SABRE Awards 2021

The North America SABRE Awards program recognizes exceptional achievements in branding, reputation and engagement. The finalists were selected by a jury of industry leaders after reviewing more than 2,000 entries. The agency earned eight shortlist nods for work on behalf of the following FleishmanHillard clients:

  • AT&T, “AT&T: An Essential Service Provider’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis” (Business-to-Business, Telecommunications)
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, “Honeymoons for Heroes” (Experiential, Special Event)
  • Elanco Animal Health, “Rediscovering the Power of Healthy Animals” (Healthcare, Animal Care)
  • Emerson, “Legacy of Leadership: Shining a Spotlight on Emerson’s COVID-19 Journey” (Corporate Reputation, Executive Leadership)
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Gives Graduates Their ‘Senior Moment’ During Pandemic” (Consumer Services, Food Service (including restaurants))
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, “Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Gives Graduates Their ‘Senior Moment’ During Pandemic” (Specialist Audience, Marketing to Youth)
  • Lowe’s, “New York Fashion Week Goes Home with Lowe’s” (Consumer Goods, Home & Furniture)
  • Royal Philips with OneVoice Connect, an association of Omnicom agencies including FleishmanHillard in partnership with Ogilvy, Nimbleworks and Gyro, “Stronger Care: Overcoming Healthcare Challenges Together” (Marketing Communications, Business-to-Business Marketing)

PRovoke North America Agencies of the Year 2021

The North America Agencies of Year Awards program recognizes the best PR firms in specific size categories and disciplines across the U.S. and Canada. With more than 150 agency submissions, the finalists were chosen by a traditional written submission and virtual meetings with agency leaders and Paul Holmes.

FleishmanHillard earned its finalist nod in the Large Agencies of the Year category due to its award-winning innovative client work, outstanding global leadership — particularly across integrated media, creative, and diversity, equity and inclusion — and growth aided by the firm’s core corporate capabilities.

The SABRE Awards and Agencies of the Year winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony on May 11.

View the complete North America SABRE Awards shortlist here and the North America Agencies of the Year Awards shortlist here.


On Being Present: Celebrating Blackness in Italian History with FH4Inclusion

By Gracey Wallace

Every year, Black History Month in the U.S. is an opportunity to shine a light on some of the incredible — and often unknown — contributions of Black Americans. Celebrating Black history doesn’t stop at the U.S. border, though.

Image of “Allegory of America” by Baldassare Franceschini, property of The Uffizi

Recently, FH4Inclusion, True MOSAIC and Omnicom PR Group’s Milan-based office joined forces to support Black History Month Florence (BHMF), an Italian-based program co-founded by new media artist, organizer and educator Justin Randolph Thompson. BHMF is an initiative designed to highlight the cultures of African diasporic communities in Florence and throughout Italy, with key events taking place during February. This year, one of its main vehicles is a partnership with Florence’s Uffizi Galleries that launched On Being Present – Vol II, a virtual exhibit highlighting — and contextualizing — the presence of Black African figures in Renaissance paintings. The Uffizi’s collection includes the work of famous artists like Botticelli and DaVinci, to name a few. Last year, On Being Present Vol I was the Uffizi Galleries’ most-visited online exhibit.

As part of this pro bono work, we identified and engaged with outlets across Italy, as well as journalists at U.S. art trade publications to spread the word about BHMF’s 2021 roster of events and their second Uffizi partnership. To amplify BHMF’s reach even further, we helped raise its awareness on social media and created a space for audiences to engage. As part of our strategy, we highlighted Thompson’s unique cultural experience — having lived in the U.S. (where he’s originally from) and in Italy. Given this, and the global resonance of the campaign, we worked toward the goal of driving visibility of BHMF not only within Europe, but all over the world.

As a result, we, in collaboration with BHMF partners, secured almost 90 articles in Italy across a range of outlets, as well as an opportunity to work with U.S.-based Blanc Magazine on a panel event focused on authentic storytelling and the “Black Presence.” Our BHMF clients were pleased with the results, stating:

“We are humbled by all of the positive responses that we have received, and it has been great to have an extra push in a complex year. The Italian press and the broadened reach of our program fostered by the support of your team have been meaningful acknowledgments of our efforts and serve as important contributions and fuel for our ongoing and forthcoming work. It has been a powerful start to the year and the wake is just beginning to show itself.” – Justin Randolph Thompson, co-founder and director of BHMF

“We cannot thank you enough for your guidance and for being by our side in this last edition, we definitely saw a difference, in having a PR agency accompanying us and helping us managing the press and the communication.” — Janine Gaëlle Dieudji, co-director and vice president of the Association Cultural at BHMF

With projects like these, I am reminded of just how impactful our work as FH4Inclusion counselors can be. The Italian peninsula is overflowing with history — think the Roman Empire, the Vatican and Michelangelo — but the stories and accomplishments of Black Italians have been left out of that narrative. As a student, I paid particular attention to how our understanding of “history” is intentionally shaped by the politics of the day. Just because something is not included in history textbooks does not mean it’s irrelevant. The events of 2020 reinvigorated conversations among Americans to unpack what it has meant to be both black and American at different points in history. Thanks to BHMF, we can begin to understand what those conversations look like across the world.

You can read more about Black History Month Florence here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.